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Precision Machining

Precision CNC Machining

Atech Manufacturing offers high-precision CNC machining solutions in traditional metals, specialized alloys, and industrial plastics for a diverse group customers within the semiconductor, medical, aerospace/satellite, defense, robotics, automotive, and optic devices industries.

Our single-source project management approach achieves concept-to-completion efficiencies in the design, development, manufacture, and implementation of integrated machining solutions, from quick-turn prototypes to new product introductions and production quantities.

Atech Manufacturing total quality management standards ensure delivery of only the highest quality parts and assemblies. Exacting specifications and tight tolerance limits to +/- 0.0001 of an inch are assured, and every part, component, and system we produce, from simple to complex designs, to custom pieces, is guaranteed to meet calibrated quality-control measures.

Importantly, our staff of expert machinists understand our customers and how best to help them overcome industry-specific challenges, design and develop the latest innovations, and grow their business over time. We take great pride in being able to maintain this high level or service through continuous training on the latest machines, techniques, and materials. And of course, Atech Manufacturing is fully certified in all service areas.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: You Submit Project for Review

We first review the project specs and any special requirements—diagrams, drawings, materials, timelines, and budget—to fully understand the goals, needs, and deliverables of the project. If we have questions, we initiate a Q&A to clarify any outstanding issues.

Step 2: We Provide Project Price Quote

Atech Manufacturing provides an all-inclusive itemized price quote that covers everything within the scope of the project, from concept to completion, including contingencies.

Step 3: You Approve Project Quote, We Begin Work

With the usual and customary work agreement signed and approved by both parties, the customer generates a purchase order (PO), which we then review and, upon confirmation, initiate project work. Production timetables, quality control points, and customer approvals then set the pace for timely completion and shipping.

CNC & Manual Milling

Rapid CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that is optimally suited to developing prototypes, jigs and fixtures, functional components for end-use applications, and form-and-fit testing. Our machined parts, which we can create using any of more than 20 different metals and plastics, are the result of state-of-the-art high-speed milling and turning processes We can also handle virtually any type of geometry with our lineup of FADAL and YCM vertical milling machines, including dimensions of up to 30 in. W x 60 in. L x 20 in. H, with a tolerance up to 0.0005 in. and maximum spindle speed of up to 10,000 rpm.

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CNC & Manual Turning

During the turning process, a rod of material is rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired cylindrical shape. Outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) threading is also available. Depending upon the size of the part, Atech Manufacturing’s expert machinists can achieve a tolerance up to 0.0001 inch. We offer a range of metals, including soft metals and steel, from which parts of desired material properties and tolerances can be created, and considered suitable for form, fit, and functional testing.

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Programmable CMM Capabilities, with SPC

Atech Manufacturing’s coordinate measuring machine (CMM) capabilities fully support high-volume production that requires statistical process control (SPC) analysis. SPC is a scientific visual method used to monitor, control, and improve processes by eliminating special cause variation from manufacturing, service, and financial processes. Our CMM collects data using SPC software to accurately measure and inspect the physical geometrical characteristics of machined parts and deliver a full analysis, complete with charts and data history of the process.

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Turnkey Assembly Services

Atech Manufacturing turkey assembly services provide a unique, streamlined process that helps expedite product time-to-market or destination for a range of customers and industries. We combine our CNC machining capabilities to make individual system parts with off-the-shelf (OTS) purchasing of components (electrical, mechanical, and more) to design, manufacture, and fully assemble, in-house, a complete product.

Customers simply send us product drawings, complete design specs, and a bill of materials (BOM) list, and our machinists and techs collaborate to quickly assemble the final product. Testing all components at predetermined points ensure accuracy and compatibility at every step. Should a part or component not pass inspection for any reason, we can make immediate fixes to keep the turnkey process moving, without compromising the delivery date.

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