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Core Services


Atech Manufacturing provides single-source solutions that enhance and extend product innovation, optimization, and commercialization. Our core services provide broad support for customer engineering departments in the design and development of initial prototypes to full-scale production quantity runs. This collaborative effort streamlines and simplifies manufacturing processes while providing measurable cost savings.

Precision Machining

Atech Manufacturing offers high-precision CNC machining solutions in traditional metals, specialized alloys, and industrial plastics.Our single-source project management approach achieves concept-to-completion efficiencies in the design, development, manufacture, and implementation of integrated machining solutions, from quick-turn prototypes to large-scale production quantities.


We work closely with customers across all industries to develop and enhance product prototypes until the design is fully vetted and a final design chosen. Our machinists and engineers are skilled at providing detailed feedback regarding materials, design, durability, cost analysis, overall product viability and more. With turnaround times often tight, and budgets limited, this input is invaluable to the manufacturing process.

Tooling and Fixture Fabrication

Tooling and fixture fabrication is a highly-specialized area in which we help manufacturers develop initial prototypes for devices that, ultimately, will be used in the manufacture of still other products.

Turnkey Assembly

Atech Manufacturing streamlines production for all manner of high- and low-volume parts andelectromechanicalcomponents, as well complete system assemblies in our fully certified facility. We offer traditional and custom turnkey assembly solutions that deliver optimal production, time, and cost efficiencies to a wide range of industries. • Materials capabilities range from traditional metals and specialized alloys, to industrial plastics.

Independent Quality Control

Atech Manufacturing is committed to total quality management at every level of product design, development, and manufacture. We calibrate, certify, check, and double-check ourwork, piece-by-piece. We evolve our services and capabilities skills, including CMM methodology, through continuous training in all areas. Our single-source project management solution is the most comprehensive and time- and cost-effective way for customers to achieve concept-to-completion efficiencies.

CMM Inspection

Atech Manufacturing’s CMM capabilitiessignificantly benefitrapid prototype developments that requirestatistical process control (SPC) analysis in the lead up to high-volume product production. We use CMM to collectSPC data, which enables us to accurately measure and inspect the physical geometrical characteristics of machined parts and deliver a full analysis, complete with charts and data history of the process. We then use this data to determine CPK—continuous performance capability—values to determine the lower (LSL) and upper (USL) specification, or tolerance, limits.

Just-In-Time Inventory

Our Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory management strategy ensures material procurement and product production are in sync with product demand. The strategy streamlines workflow processes while reducing inventory costs and product waste

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Atech Manufacturing core services combine years of proven expertise, project management capabilities, and state-of-the-art equipmentto bring anincreasingly wide range of customer innovations to life. Contact us at 408.441.0285 to request a quote on any upcoming project.