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About Us

Excellence Through Leadership

Atech Manufacturing leads the way in providing single-source solutions that enhance and extend product innovation, optimization, and commercialization at every level of the manufacturing process.

From the Heart of the Silicon Valley to the Far Reaches of the Globe

Atech Manufacturing is the driving force behind proven precision machining and turnkey assembly solutions—from work-a-day parts to mission critical components—that deliver competitive advantage and move markets daily across an increasingly diverse industrial landscape.

Semiconductor • Medical • Aerospace/Satellite • Defense • Robotics • Automotive • Optic Devices

Our machinists are among the best in Silicon Valley, each possessing the experience and expertise to work quickly and efficiently on a range of machines, materials, and projects using traditional metals, specialized alloys, and industrial plastics. Atech Manufacturing assembly teams are proficient at streamlining the production to all manner of parts, components, and complete systems to ensure measureable production, time, and cost efficiencies.

Everyone at Atech Manufacturing is committed to total quality management at every level of product design, development, and manufacture. Calibrated, certified, checked, and double-checked. We continue to evolve our services ad capabilities skills, including CMM methodology, through continuous training in all areas. Staying current on the latest trends and techniques gives us a leg up on advancing customer innovations and accelerating time to market.

Our single-source project management solution is the most comprehensive and time- and cost-effective way for customers to achieve concept-to-completion efficiencies, including design, development, manufacture, quality control, and on-time delivery. We take on full responsibility for every phase of product development, including ultimate destination logistics.

Achieve product excellence today. Look to proven expertise and full range of services and capabilities at Atech Manufacturing.

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