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Atech Manufacturing provides single-source solutions that enhance and extend product innovation, optimization, and commercialization, from CNC precision machining and small-to-large turnkey assembly, to rapid turnaround prototyping, full production quantities, and custom work.

Our expert machinists and assemblers are highly adept at working with a broad array of traditional metals, specialized alloys, and industrial plastics. Our teams work collaboratively with product engineers to ensure project efficiencies in all areas—design, development, procurement, manufacturing, quality controls, and logistics. As with all Atech Manufacturing work, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Atech Manufacturing has been at the forefront of helping Silicon Valley’s semiconductor industry revolutionize computer technology and componentry. We offer a wide range of skill sets to help customers perfect their prototypes at a much accelerated pace. Our designers and machinists thrive on the challenges and are always eager for the next assignment.


We work closely with medical industry designers and engineers to build traditional and next-generation products that bring commercial advantages to clinical diagnostics, laser-based equipment, and a broad spectrum of optical devices. Meeting exacting specifications is not only critical, it what we do best.


Mission-critical means no exceptions. We take that challenge seriously and routinely work at the cutting edge to achieve the desired results. Our machinists and engineers are well versed in SAE standards affecting both land- and air-based aerospace projects.


Defense industry product specifications are among the most exacting to achieve. Atech Manufacturing excels in meeting and/or exceeding even the most rigid criteria, with all manner of certifications provided from project initiation to final delivery.


Robotics projects and Atech Manufacturing are a great fit, from standard and custom control boxes and automation components to robot development and commercial agriculture.


Atech Manufacturing can deliver a broad array of automotive parts, from traditional work-a-day parts to devices and components used in electric vehicles.

Optical Devices

We offer expertise in the design and development for products used in X-ray devices, laser-based equipment, and a range of standard optical devices.

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